• It protects your customer across all their devices and allows security to be configured from a single account; It updates itself with innovative new features throughout the duration of your customer’s subscription; It provides an account check feature that checks your customer’s accounts to identify data leaks
  • It tells your customer if they’re using weak passwords and auto-generates strong replacements; It allows your customer to get the most from their Android devices by reporting on battery level and app usage; It provides personalized security news, alerts and tips based on your customer’s online habits
  • It helps protect your customer’s home Wi-Fi network from intruders; It provides flexible parental controls so your customer can keep their kids safe online and beyond; It allows your customer to install security on their loved ones’ devices at the touch of a button



Kaspersky Security Cloud combines award-winning security technology with Kaspersky Lab’s Patented Adaptive technology gives you a personal security partner to safely guide you through a connected world where every payment, connection, and click might open the door for cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal

  • The first adaptive security – senses new dangers and automatically gives you the right protection at the right time.
  • Includes powerful Anti-Virus and Firewall
  • Acts as your very own security expert
  • Helps you stay safe online – whether you are socialising, shopping, banking, streaming, emailing or downloading
  • Your private life stays private – Sensitive and private data protected by our Password Manager service across your devices.
  • Secure Connection gives you privacy via Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology
  • Helps to keep your kids safe online.
  • Allows you to grant access to other family members to keep them safe online.


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Android



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