Digital Fingerprinting Protection helps protect browsers from newer, more invasive forms of online tracking, profiling and data mining

Automated Cookie Clearance lets you easily and regularly delete tracking cookies and browsing data from all your browsers at times you specify

Advanced Whitelisting prevents data clearance on specific websites you choose

Phishing Detector helps protect you from suspicious incoming emails

Privacy Shield disables Windows 10 telemetry and other invasive data-collection services


Privacy Guardian Features

Privacy Guardian is an online security application that comes with a set of features and analytics options to protect you from any potential danger.

It also actively scours the Internet for the latest threats and provides feedback as well as reports. Each time that the software prevents a data leak you will receive a notification about the threat that has been blocked.

But the thing that sets Privacy Guardian apart from other software packages is the digital fingerprinting protection. It features cutting-edge anti-fingerprinting technology, unlike other software. Common VPNs and cookie tracking blockers won’t be able to offer you such advanced safeguarding.


  • My Tracks
    – My Tracks is a panel that lets you remove all the cookies and browsing data from your computer. You can use this simple and straightforward panel to easily remove all unwanted data from your browsers. It is worth mentioning that My Tracks gives you the option to immediately clear the abovementioned data for each of your browser. This translates to less targeted ads, annoying pop-ups, and spam.
  • Advanced Whitelisting
    – The Advanced Whitelisting option lets you pick and choose the websites that you want to block. It instantly averts any potential leaks to these websites. This option is very useful in case you are being annoyed by a particular website or you just cannot get rid of its ads.
  • Private Search
    – Private Search is a feature that offers some extra anonymity to your internet searches. It removes the searches from your browsing history. Private Search also clears all the other logs that might provide insightful information about your online habits. This way you will be able to browse for any information you want without worrying that it might be used against you.
  • Personal Privacy Score
    – Personal Privacy Score is a neat option that gives information about the present status of your privacy. The software makes an assessment and gives you an estimate of your level of online privacy at the moment.
  • Privacy Guardian Extension
    – You don’t need to launch the Privacy Guardian app each time you browse the Internet. Just add Privacy Guardian Extension to the browser of your choice to enjoy care-free browsing. This extension won’t slow down your browser in any way since it is optimized for smooth performance. However, you will be immediately notified in case of a potential threat of information leak.



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