No chance for blackmailing Trojans: Our anti-ransomware technology detects blackmailing Trojans before they can take your data hostage. We protect you from criminals who encrypt your photos, documents and personal data.

Password manager
The function remembers your passwords for online shops, forums, your e-mail account and much more. Simply integrate our password manager into your browser. Passwords and contact data can be filled in automatically if desired.

Automatically back up your data locally on your PC or in the cloud. The password-protected backups ensure that your data is always protected. Use Google Drive or Dropbox for your data backup, or access a German cloud if you wish – with DriveOnWeb.

Data encryption
Protect confidential information and files with a password. This way, only people you really trust will access it. Encrypt external storage media such as USB sticks in the same way. Decrypt them without prior software installation using your secure password alone.

G DATA BankGuard
Make your banking and online shopping a safe bet with our patented BankGuard technology. This function ensures that your browser only displays unaltered content.

Access control
Determine who can use USB sticks, burners, hard drives and other devices on your PC. Access control lets you keep all your USB slots under control. This prevents malware from entering your computer via external storage media.

browser cleaner
Clean it up: With our Browser Cleaner you remove annoying toolbars and add-ons from your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Performance Tuner
Delete obsolete cache entries and other ballast. This way you can increase the performance of your PC with just a few clicks.


Best G DATA protection for Windows: Our brand new DeepRay® and BEAST technologies use artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect camouflaged and previously unknown malware.

Simply cleverer

Photos, videos, documents: Back up your data automatically and save the copies on your PC or in the cloud. Now nothing can go wrong.

No need to remember passwords

Password123? Better not. Our password manager remembers all your passwords for you and creates new ones on demand that can’t be cracked.

Put your security solution together

Put your security solution together in the way that best suits your life. Combine our award-winning Antivirus programs in a way that matches your preferences and protect all of your devices with just one license – whether it’s a Windows PC, Mac, Android smartphone, or iOS tablet.

Virus protection with numerous extras

It has never been so easy to pay bills or make purchases. Your security solution can be as easy as online shopping. Opt for fast software installation and ease of use. With G DATA Total Security, you get our best protection for online banking, emails and critical data. A powerful virus scanner and numerous extras protect you against hacking, extortion and cyber attacks – without disrupting your work or leisure.

Strongly protected against ransomware

Cyber extortionists have been making the headlines in recent months. Encryption software with names such as Locky and Petya have been giving numerous PC users a scare. They play on the fear that your photos, videos and memories will disappear forever.



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