BullGuard AntiVirus

  • Antivirus, antispyware, next gen anti-malware, ransomware protection, safe browsing, antiphishing, vulnerability scanner, automatic updates and upgrades
  • Kids zone, safeguard your children online and let them enjoy uninterrupted gaming, game booster
  • Simplicity, simple and secure installation with free expert support, BullGaurd account




BullGuard antivirus provides powerful layered protection against all types of malware such as phishing attempts and Trojans designed to steal your banking data. It makes short work of ransomware. And unlike some security software it has been designed to not slow you down. Whatever you do online, your computer will be fast, clean and malware-free. Easy to use, tough on malware.

BullGuard comes with a good range of security features, including:

  • Firewall & network scanner.
  • Game booster & PC tune-up.
  • Parental controls.
  • Secure browser.
  • ID protection (US, Canada, and Western Europe).
  • VPN (virtual private network — sold separately).

BullGuard provides a ton of parental controls, but only a few of them are really good.

For desktop users, BullGuard’s parental controls offer 4 main features:

  • Filters. Filters online content by blocking specific types of websites.
  • Access. Restricts device use to specific times of the day and week.
  • Applications. Blocks certain apps from being used by locking them behind a passcode.
  • Privacy. Prevents specific keywords and data from being sent or even entered into a browser.


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