AVG Cleaner Pro has integrated a series of powerful capabilities as follows:

  • Handling junk caches running in RAM.
  • Clearing browsing history, clipboard, email access history, Google Play.
  • Browsing and cleaning media files or documents larger than 5MB.
  • Cleaning up the unnecessary history of outgoing calls, incoming calls, and missed calls.
  • Browsing and removing apps that consume too much storage space, RAM, battery, or data plans.
  • Recommending user to delete applications that are used very little or even never used.
  • Thoroughly suspending applications that require too much memory to execute their tasks.
  • Automatically finding unnecessary apps, allowing users to clean them up, right in the device’s notification panel.


AVG Cleaner for Android is a mobile app designed to help you improve the performance of your device and preserve storage space by removing unnecessary media, files, and apps. Remove these items by transferring them to cloud storage and/or deleting them from your device.

AVG Cleaner Pro is a premium version of the official AVG Cleaner where you get all premium features like battery saver, booster, cache cleaner, and many more for free.

When we run any android application for a long time, then this creates some junk and cache files. These junk files are useless and consume lots of memory space, which eventually decreases overall device performance.

Also, if you are a selfie lover and loved to click photos but always forgot to delete them, then AVG Cleaner pro is just for you.

  • Automatically delete duplicate photos
  • Clear old and spam call history
  • Smartly remove junk files
  • Boost RAM
  • Increase battery life
  • Analyze large file and effectively manage them
  • Auto clean reminders

If you use the free version of AVG Cleaner, then you may face some ads issue, but with AVG Cleaner Pro subscription, you will never face any problem like this plus it has more features than free one.

AVG Cleaner Pro Features

AVG Cleaner has some unusual and compelling features like Easy to use interface, smart cleaning technology, automatically identifying duplicate photos, and many more which makes it more than just a storage cleanup app.

Clean junk and cache

Clean Up Photos

Extend Battery Life

Manage Apps

Set and forget

Some Extra Features

Below are some more features you would love:

One-click quick cleanup

Automatic memory booster

Easy analyze unrequired photos

Increase battery life

Automatically clear background app


Manage mobile data consumption



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